Focused on the Wrong Kips

This type of highly targeted content can. Help you reach your audience  at the right place and at the right time. 6. Pre-Recorded Video is So… Yesterday It isn’t exactly time to write the obituary for pre-recorded video Uruguay Phone Number List, yet it is being overshadowed by live video. According to Buffer, 80 percent of marketing respondents to a 2016 survey want to create more video content. With 42 percent specifying live video as their preference. While live video really exploded in 2017, we predict that it’ll become even more mainstream in 2018.

The 5 aspects of packaging that will determine the success of your eCommerce

According to Facebook, users spend three times more time watching live videos than videos that are pre-recorded. More, they comment 10 times as often during live videos. A Livestream survey confirmed this, with 80 percent of respondents indicating a preference for live video over reading a blog post. This presents modern-day marketing specialists with a unique chance to hop on the live video bandwagon before competitors do.

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Unboxing: Marketing Strategy and Returnability

Blurred Lines If you look at how content has changed over the past decade, you’ll notice that it has evolved outside of its original “container” of owned media. As social media expands, as well as the ways we interact with and engage audiences, the lines between owned, earned, and paid begin to blur so that they’re almost indiscernible from one another. Content can no longer be confine to these silos. With the entire buyer’s journey in mind, the content shifts to take on the form of all three approaches.

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