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Everything becomes old news very soon and the windows in which something is fresh are shorter. If the agencies continue to work as they always did. They will not be able to keep up that pace. Because. And this is the second key point. We now live in the age of Poland phone number impatience. Consumers are increasingly impatient and give less margin to everything. So are the companies-clients with the work of their agencies. They cannot afford to be slower than their potential customers. They need to be one step ahead. And. Finally. They must accept that the work they do. In essence. Has mutated. As they explain in the analysis. They will become. Between now and 2025. Elements on which brands rely to create strategies or as creative or insight platforms.

They will no longer be that agency that does everything for a specific brand. The new collateral damage of the crisis will be the brands: the big companies will only keep the ones that are really valuable and profitable They will purge their portfolios and not all brands. However old they may be. Will continue for another year Tags strategy Poland phone number brands worth future read later favorites 0 adsroyal Communication Marketing and Communication Agency. 15 years innovating for brands The coronavirus crisis will have direct consequences on the future of the economy and on that of companies. This statement already seems almost commonplace. A more than expected obviousness after everything we have seen in recent months. For companies.

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The crisis caused by the health pandemic has forced them to rethink their strategy. To make multiple adjustments in how they try to connect with consumers and to assume new trends and new conditions in the market. Their great doubt and the great question that Poland phone number marks their agendas is to determine what the future will bring. There. Moreover. It is not just about studying how the economic recovery will take place. But also about studying almost what its own survival will be like. Are all brands called to go beyond the coming year or will the coronavirus crisis end up eliminating brands and companies from the market? If you read any local newspaper.

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You will come to the conclusion that no. Not all companies are going to survive the effects of the crisis. The local press is full of stories of companies saying they can’t take it anymore. The coronavirus crisis has taken them to the maximum of what they can bear. The Poland phone number perception is unfortunately not an exaggeration. For companies. This year is proving to be very complicated and the future is looming complicated. It will be for the type of companies that appear in that news coverage. But also for the big brands. No one is exempt from the effects of the crisis and analysts are already predicting that there will be a reduction in the brands offered on the market.

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That is. The big companies. Those that have many brands. Will also do a purge. After all. Some multinationals – like Coca-Cola – have already done so. Reducing the number of brands they distribute and focusing resources on the most important ones. From many brands to the important ones As marketing professor Scott Galloway explains in an Poland phone number interview with American television. Presenting his book Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity. The coronavirus is going to have a transformative effect on the market. Large retail and service companies have entered bankruptcy this year. Despite the fact that their assets were. On occasion. Brands considered iconic.

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