For The Customer

Tip Evaluate your persona regularly You live and you learn. With every new customer, every new launch or campaign, and every new conversation Peru Phone Number List you get new insights. About personality traits that your customers often have in common, about your personal preference for customers you like to work with, or about improving.

For your product or service

Check back on your persona regularly to see if it’s still correct. And whether you can make it even more complete, so that you can tailor your content, products, and landing pages even better to your ideal customer. As a guideline, I would say that you can review your persona(s) at least every quarter to see if they are still correct.

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And maybe you want to start all over again every year to see. If you still end up with your current persona with a clean slate. dates vs. Love for the customer As an entrepreneur or marketer. You can let your working time be consumed by data such as conversion. Percentages and engagement ratios of your social content I love it myself.

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