Go Back To The Office

The countless independent professionals in the Netherlands have been working in a kind of hybrid form for years. Digital nomads are the superlative Cambodia Phone Number List of this. And most knowledge workers were able to do their work from home quite well for one or two days. Hybrid is new only in the sense that organizations can now label it, having found it to be a plausible route for months and years to come. After all, everyone going back to the physical workplaces offices, factories, and so on is very unlikely to happen.

The Office any more

Then everyone will always continue to work from home. And voilà: you have a hybrid situation. Work independent of place and time But what exactly is hybrid working? For now, the conversation is mainly about where you work: at the office or from home. That may be the hallmark of hybrid work that affects us most directly, but I find it highly questionable whether that’s the defining feature. Tabhita Minten and I wrote about this here on Frankwatching last year and this idea is also reflected in our book ‘ Digital employee experience.

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Cambodia Phone Number List

with your employee first towards a human digital working environment ‘ (affiliate). Digital (co-)working makes it possible not only to work location -independently but also time-independently. Esther van der Storm, among others, made a quadrant for this that indicates how place- and time-independent work relate to each other.

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