Google Adwords – 10 Faqs

What language should I choose for my Google AdWords ads?This may take days. Sometimes it helps you contact Google and ask for your ad to pass as quickly as possible. But keep in mind that Google employees are people too, which means you’re better off, the better odds you have a quick process.There may be many reasons to reject Google AdWords ads. Here are some typical reasons:You are using too many special characters or capital letters . Google doesn’t like you “speaking in capital letters” (read: words written in all capital letters), or using Philippines Phone Number List too many special characters to attract extra attention. The ad text contains a registered trademark , and the licensee asks Google to prevent the ad text from using the trademark. Your ad points to a redirected page . Google doesn’t like users sent to pages that immediately send them to a new location. Google doesn’t like dead links , so if your ad points to a webpage (URL) that doesn’t exist it will be rejected.

How to Find Good Keywords to Use?

For the success of your business with Google AdWords, it is crucial that you choose the right keywords. The amount of keywords you have is less important.When choosing keywords for your campaign, you can use different match types. To understand match types, we must look at how your customers type their search terms into Google. Broadly matches Google search pages with words contained in the search phase. Google will also display synonyms for words in any order and in any distribution at the search stage. An example of a broad match search is: classic wooden dollhouse.

Which Type of Match Is the Best?

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It depends on what you want to achieve . Broad match gets your ad showing many, many clicks, while exact match gets your ad less, with fewer clicks.Which match type gives the most clicks and cheapest conversions depends on several factors. So it’s a good idea to test which campaign works best for you.People who show it will only click on your Google AdWords ad (among other things, asking users to enter keywords in your chosen campaign), if your ad is in search results, and if high enough users find it related to them.

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