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Giving away promotional gifts to your business Henan Mobile Phone Number customers is such a form of offline communication that is quite underestimated. Why should you include them in your marketing strategy? We give you 5 reasons. Compete (or distinguish) through Henan Mobile Phone Number more brand experience One way to distinguish yourself from the competition is to use customer intimacy. Customer intimacy is a value strategy of Treacy and Wiersema. In which you Henan Mobile Phone Number focus on excelling in customer partnership. Companies such as and CoolBlue apply this value strategy very well. Building a good relationship with your customer creates greater involvement and loyalty.

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Applying personal and unique corporate gifts with Henan Mobile Phone Number a logo within the customer journey can enhance this effect. This shows that you care about the customer. For example, you can add a handwritten card to the promotional gift. Write Henan Mobile Phone Number exactly what you value about your business relationship and why you want to celebrate it with the gift you give. In this way. The distribution of the gift becomes a lot more personal and the customer Henan Mobile Phone Number partnership is even more central. Recent international research shows that (potential) customers think more positively about companies from which they receive a promotional gift.

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For example, a consumer is 2.5 times more likely Henan Mobile Phone Number to have a positive opinion about a company after receiving a physical promotional gift. So you influence the brand experience. Change the value ratio of a purchase Offer customers a free perk with Henan Mobile Phone Number the purchase and change the value. The price does not change. But a consumer still Henan Mobile Phone Number estimates it as cheaper because of the free extra. In addition, it attracts the customer’s attention. It is an element of surprise. This can result in long-term effects. Such as brand awareness and brand loyalty. A good example is the free bottle opener you may have once received with the purchase of a six pack of beer.

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