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The Country Index is based on qualitative and quantitative data from more than 2.500 influential people. Including ceos. Public officials and other high-level professionals from around the world. Each individual surveyed by qri Consulting. The UK phone number partner of futurebrand. You have traveled internationally in the last two years and have visited or are familiar with the countries you evaluated. Other findings: The UK and US remained in the top 20. Ranking 20th and 13th. Respectively. And maintaining robust national records in the face of crises. The regional advance of the Middle East is detected: the UAE has risen 10 places since the 2014 index.

And Qatar and Oman have also improved their rankings. The strongest indicators of the region are business potential. Made in and heritage and culture. Regional progress is also seen in Africa: all countries in the region have improved their rankings. With UK phone number Angola. Kenya and Algeria among the top five globally. The strongest indicators in the region are Tourism. Made In and Heritage and Culture. New York held its place as the most influential city for the next three years. Followed by Beijing and Washington in 2nd and 3rd place. London and Tokyo rounded out the top five.

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Ecommerce and online video drive faster-than-expected recovery in global ad spend Ad spend is forecast to decline 7.5% in 2020. Compared to 9.1% forecast last July Tags advertising advertisements market data read later favorites 0 ads udima.es UDIMA. Distance UK phone number University of Madrid Study degrees. Official master’s degrees online or the doctorate at a distance. The best option to study online. The shift towards ecommerce will drive a 1.4% growth in digital advertising investment The global advertising market has recovered. In the second quarter. More quickly than expected from the severe drop caused by the Coronavirus pandemic and is now expected to decline by around 7.5%.

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However, Reaching. As a whole. $587 billion in 2020. According to Zenith’s latest ad spend forecast. Released Monday. This is a considerable improvement on Zenith’s forecast. Given that last July the forecast was for a drop of 9.1%. Zenith forecasts global ad spend to UK phone number grow 5.6% in 2021. Reaching $620 billion. This growth is due to the favorable comparison with 2020 -más bajo-. As well as the delay of the Summer Olympics and the UEFA Euro football championship. Despite this increase. The investment will remain below the 634,000 million dollars invested in 2019. In 2022, the advertising investment will grow 5.2% to reach 652,000 million dollars. Exceeding 2019 by 18,000 million dollars.

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However, Even so. They will be about 70,000 million dollars less than the advertising investment would have reached if it had remained in its pre-pandemic line.These forecasts assume that the global economy will begin a sustained recovery as COVID-19 vaccines are UK phone number introduced in 2021. And are subject to great uncertainty about how fast this recovery will be. However, Digital transformation is rapidly shifting investment to digital advertising Zenith forecasts global digital ad spend to grow 1.4% in 2020 and will also increase its share of total ad spend to 52%. Up from 48% in 2019.

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