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It takes (too) long before I get back into that flow. That time Afghanistan Phone Number I’m really not worth my rate. An hourly rate can cause some misunderstandings. Especially if you do not agree clearly in advance how much time you will spend as a copywriter on a text. There Afghanistan Phone Number are plenty of clients who think that copywriters can ‘just’ write a ‘text’. If your client thinks you’re sweet for a few hours, that might be four times that in the real world. This means that the invoice Afghanistan Phone Number is also 4 times higher. And the chance of trouble quadruples. There are copywriters who are particularly secretive about their hourly rate. Not me. My hourly rate is double that of copywriter Huh?

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Didn’t I say € 65.00 per hour at the beginning? Sharp Afghanistan Phone Number of you. And that’s right. In 2011, I was a budding copywriter. More than 11 years later I have the experience and a specialism that together are worth € 150.00 per hour. Yes, some think Afghanistan Phone Number that is (too) much money. And some people say that too. When that happens, I always immediately think of the L’Oréal commercial: ‘because I’m worth it’. I just never managed to get that thought Afghanistan Phone Number over my lips towards a prospect . So I usually respond with a question in return: ‘if you compare my invoice amount with what my texts yield, do you still think it is (too) much money?

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A project price Look, now we’re getting somewhere. As a Afghanistan Phone Number copywriter, you make an estimate based on the size and complexity of the writing assignment. I myself sometimes make that assessment with and sometimes excluding feedback Afghanistan Phone Number processing. Depends a bit on the assignment. So suppose I think I spend 8 hours writing a Afghanistan Phone Number killer text, then I multiply that by that prize. This way my clients know in advance where they stand. And I. Fair is fair. Sometimes I am wrong with such an estimate. Then I am in that flow, I am not disturbed by a chatty neighbor and the text is ready in no time.

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