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Some think that is (too) much money. And some Sweden Phone Number people say that too. When that happens, I always immediately think of the L’OrĂ©al commercial: ‘because I’m worth it’. I just never managed to get that thought over my lips towards a prospect . So I usually Sweden Phone Number respond with a question in return: ‘if you compare my invoice amount with what my Sweden Phone Number texts yield, do you still think it is (too) much money?’ A project price Look, now we’re getting somewhere. As a copywriter, you make an estimate based on the size and complexity of the writing assignment.

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I myself sometimes make that assessment with and sometimes Sweden Phone Number excluding feedback processing. Depends a bit on the assignment. So suppose I think I spend 8 hours writing a killer text, then I multiply that by that prize. This way my clients know in Sweden Phone Number advance where they stand. And I. Fair is fair. Sometimes I am wrong with such an Sweden Phone Number estimate. Then I am in that flow, I am not disturbed by a chatty neighbor and the text is ready in no time. Converted my hourly rate is much higher. If it really makes a difference, I will send the client a credit note.

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No sweet talk, that’s what I do. Also read: Copywriting Sweden Phone Number is a breeze! 7 misconceptions about copywriters It just happens more often that I fall into it myself. That the neighbor rings the doorbell again for a cup of sugar and moments later a door-to-door salesman Sweden Phone Number wants to talk me into solar panels while the rain comes pouring down from the sky. That a persistent writer’s block blocks my creative brain. Fortunately, it often happens that I’m just right. And Sweden Phone Number so I don’t have to buy dry bread. And can I afford the solar panels that the door-to-door salesman sold me? My preference You probably already know that I prefer a project price.

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