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Would you like to learn more from Benthe and discover how to use your persona to develop content and sales pages? In an online course of 1 hour, you get the right tools to get started. View the course! Read 2 comments Others also read Love for the Bolivia Phone Number List customer! This is how you use personas for better marketing Content marketing aimed.

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A completely different story Want to improve the use of your platform or app? Organize a customer journey workshop About the author Benthe Bemelman by Benthe Bemelman The online world offers enormous opportunities, but it can also overwhelm. I help entrepreneurs to make choices in a strategy that produces results and energy.

Bolivia Phone Number List
Bolivia Phone Number List

Ergo the era of hybrid work has begun. But what do we do now? What does hybrid working mean more than just the location where you work? That’s what this article is about. Since Saturday 26 June, the advice of the Dutch government to work from home, if possible, no longer applies. Teleworking is no longer mandatory in Belgium since Monday 28 June. How do you shape hybrid works? For the past year and a half, many people have been working from home, educating their children, and living through an unprecedented pandemic.

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