How Link Building Methods Actually Work

There is no shortage of “black hat” methods currently on the market to help you build backlinks to your website. Unfortunately, these hacking methods can earn you nasty penalties from Google and other search engines. Search engines, like Google, publish “Webmaster Guidelines.” These guidelines are meant to stop people from manipulating search engine results pages. If you catch manipulating search results, you can be banned from search Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List engines. Now, Google also wants you to build backlinks to your website. They just want you to do it in a merit-based way.

Guest posting is one of the oldest legal ways to build backlinks to your website. A guest post is exactly what it sounds like. You put a post on someone else’s site as a “guest”. In exchange for the person hosting your post, you offer one or two reverse efforts. While the website owner takes advantage of more high-quality content from his website, you’ll get the obvious: so-called link juice.

Email Link

The link found in the email of the email link. These links are usually part of an autoresponder or follow-up sequence. While these links may not help you in search engines, they help in another important way. Site owners with large mailing lists send multiple emails to their lists each month. If the list owner has built up any kind of relationship with his list, then his email will be a hit. Some car owner lists sell ads in the form of a simple text link. Humble text links can help you build your customer base. In some ways, this method of link building is better than building links for search engines because you’re not relying on outside companies’ “black box” algorithms to bring traffic to your site.


Badges are the little icons you put on your website that are “clicked”. If other sites put these types of links on their site, then you can use these badges to build links to your site. Why would a webmaster want to link to what you like? Simple. Let’s say you run a contest for the best information-led insurance website on the web. Let’s assume your website is primarily geared towards selling insurance. You choose a winner and give them badges. The badge is essentially an award as the most authoritative insurance site on the web.

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