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You can use instant messaging (Messenger. Instagram or whatsapp) to maintain contact more directly and easily. As well as to answer their questions. Continuous training and use of resources : learning and developing digital skills is essential today. For this reason. Facebook offers free digital training courses. So that you can get the most out of the platforms. “Throughout Hong kong phone number this year. Many small businesses have been forced to accelerate their digitization process and even change their business models to face the new challenges arising from the pandemic. For many businesses. Online sales have become synonymous with survival. From Facebook we want to accompany smes in this difficult task of recovery and transformation where technology plays a fundamental role” says Irene Cano.

General Director of Facebook for Spain and Portugal. Throughout this pandemic. And with the aim of making it easier for small and medium-sized companies to develop their business and activity in the digital environment. Facebook has presented new tools. The Hong kong phone number expansion of fundraisers on Facebook. Gift cards and food orders on Instagram. Stickers of support and its most recent launch “Shops on Facebook” are just some of these shows of support. Spanish consumers consider that wellness should be part of brand strategies Tags consumers marks strategy read later favoritesdigital Marketing Courses Digital Marketing in 14 countries. Quantifies. For the first time.

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The gap between consumer expectations and the presence or relevance that wellness has for brands. In this sense. For 82% of Spanish consumers. Wellness is a key element that must be incorporated in an integral way in the strategies of the brands. We live Hong kong phone number in a world that is too fast and we want to find spaces that offer us a feeling of well-being. Ogilvy’s Wellness Gap study finds out what wellness means to consumers and what actions they expect brands to take to help them in their pursuit of wellness. In this sense. 84% of Spaniards affirm that wellness is very important in their day-to-day life and 80% of those surveyed declare that brands can do more for their well-being. “All brands can become wellness brands. Well-being can be part of the purpose of companies.

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Now that people want proposals and experiences that improve their quality of life. There is a clear opportunity for brands to be there. Occupy those moments and meet the needs and expectations that consumers have” says Marion mcdonald. Global Practice Leader. Ogilvy Health & Wellness
The 3 key pieces that the corporate strategy must Hong kong phone number have in 2021 to strengthen the economic recovery Companies must make changes and adjustments to position themselves in the most effective way possible Tags strategy changes 2021 coronavirus read later favorites Digital Marketing Courses Digital Marketing | programmatic The coronavirus crisis has unexpectedly turned 2020 into one of the most difficult years that companies have had to face in recent decades.

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The forecasts were blown up. The projections ceased to be effective and the previously developed strategies failed in many cases. 57% of company managers around the world. According to Kantar data. Believe that the impact of the coronavirus crisis will be felt even a year after the vaccine begins to be applied and the path to normality begins . 27% even Hong kong phone number believe that the crisis will last about two years. 2020 is closing with not very optimistic numbers. The starting situation is certainly not the best. And for this reason companies must adjust their strategies and position themselves more firmly for the future. That implies making changes. Driving certain areas and focusing on certain key elements. Prioritizing those that will work as drivers of change.

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