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Simple Confession: Over a year after writing interactive content, I’ve been more into online quizzes and other interactive content tools and features than ever before.

I can’t think of it. (And other marketers may agree with me, as evidenced by a 2017 survey from the Content Marketing Institute and Aeon Interactive, which found that 46% of content marketers use interactive content. Hmm.) On the contrary, as a consumer, it’s a trick in the online marketing industry, but I find it difficult to resist the appeal of the opportunity to see a part of yourself reflected in the brand’s content.

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Interactive value proposition

Aside from personal vanity, the increased potential for interactivity to attract attention and promote brand engagement is for marketers to market quizzes, ratings, customization tools, games, and other participatory features. That’s a compelling reason to Canada Mobile Number add it to your weapon. But that’s certainly not the only benefit these enhanced content formats can offer. Consider some findings from CMI / ion interactive research. Among the respondents:

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  • 77% agree that interactive content has reusable value and can result in repeaters and multiple exposures
  • 75% agree that gateless interactive content provides a “sample” of the brand, resulting in a higher level of lead development .
  • 73% agree that combining traditional content marketing tactics with interactive content enhances the organization’s message retention .
  • 68% agree that interactive content provides a valuable way to reuse your organization ‘s passive content

In the first place Interactive content can bring great benefits to your businessBecause of these, and the other benefits that interactive content offers, the cmi editorial team saw. It as a good opportunity to revisit the discussion on this topic. For those who may have missed it for the first time, I reaffirmed the essence of working. With this powerful content format-what it is, how it works, and it how best to apply to achieve your marketing goals. We also share a few more examples to excite the possibilities of working with these formats. As interactive technologies and technologies continue to evolve and expand rapidly.


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The interactivity nature of the content

Not only … But also Interactive content allows users to personalize and participate in the presented content. By helping consumers see themselves in the brand experience, this technique offers the potential to deepen engagement and promote greater satisfaction.

Common interactive format

Enterprise marketers looking to make a big impact on their audience have access to a host of compelling content features, from simple to surreal. Here are some of the most popular interactive formats and some usage suggestions.

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