How to Monetize Instagram Tv (Igtv) in 2022

Instagram only allowed 15-second videos to be posted in Stories and 60-second videos in Feed, but with the arrival of IGTV, it is possible for these to reach up to 60 minutes. In addition, and unlike the Stories, this content remains permanently on the Slovakia B2B List profile. This type of video can be monetized, something that any brand should value in its future video marketing campaigns. But how? We explain everything you need to know about monetizing Instagram TV. How to Monetize Instagram Tv (Igtv) in 2022 Do you want to better reach your potential audience and generate sales? Click here and download the ebook: How to develop your strategy on Facebook & Instagram Ads .

It Ads, a New Monetization Tool

How to monetize Instagram TV IGTV IGTV Ads, a new monetization tool One of the advantages of IGTV is that Instagram allows you to share previews in Stories, which generate views. These views can be translated into revenue using IGTV Ads, a new monetization tool within Instagram. As reported from Instagram, the ads will appear when the Slovakia B2B List user clicks on the video from the Feed. These ads will be optimized for mobile devices and will last a maximum of 15 seconds. They have not yet confirmed if the user will be able to skip these ads, but it is believed that in the future they will work like those on YouTube.

How Much Can You Earn on Igtv?

Slovakia B2B List

What is known is that sliding your finger up will take you directly to the brand’s website. At the moment only some users in the UK and Australia will be able to use this new tool. However, the idea is that little by little brands and influencers. From around the world can join this program that will allow. Them to receive income from the advertising. That appears in their igtv content. One of the advantages that instagram. Plays with is that it would be very rare for this tool. To generate rejection from users, since there. Are other social networks where there. Is already advertising. In fact, on instagram itself, between stories, ads appear.

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