How to Plan a Strong Search Engine Strategy to Beat

One of the biggest hurdles in the SEO game is how you can beat your competitors to get these top search engine rankings. Before you start executing your SEO battle, you need to analyze how you will enter your market and maintain your rankings. In this web content, you will learn about various techniques you can use to win SEO competitions in the shortest Colombia Phone Number List time possible. Let’s start with how to fight the competition. Check: Top 10 Current SEO Factors That Really Matter Check Also : 10 Tips to Avoid Google’s SEO Penalties

Don’t Trust Your Web Designer

Before you start designing your website, you need to know the needs of your visitors, as this will reduce bounce rates and increase page views. Having a unique web design for your blogging business can really have some positive value on your blog. When you outsource your web design, the challenge to experts comes. From my own experience, I suggest that you should not completely trust your web designer. The reason why I say this is because you may find that your work is outsourced to a third party without your knowledge and the end result will be pathetic. The best way to deal with this evil is to only outsource the HTLM version of the design. Before you start designing your website be sure to see what your competitors have already done on their sites, as this will give you an introduction to what to do next.

Target Your Competitors

The most challenging part is your competition. You should ask yourself, why are my competitors ranking so high? I don’t recommend you copy and past everything they do, but you should try to be unique and positive, like ‘General’. One of the best ways to do this is by checking which keywords your competitors are using, then take those keywords and write strong pillars of content, and you’ll see the results fall apart quickly. The secret behind high rankings is for Humans, PERIOD a completely unique content.  Getting the top spot on Google shouldn’t be your goal; you need to get there. The secret behind this strategy is very targeted problem solving by understanding both search tails. the best keyword phrases to use;

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