How to Use Them to Grow Your Channel

In addition, If you use YouTube professionally, you need to understand YouTube analytics. Whether you want to monitor your content or use it as a marketing platform for your brand, you need to know what works in your videos and what doesn’t. How to Use Them to Grow Your Channel  How to Use Them to Grow Your Channel.YouTube analytics contain an incredible amount of information, from demographics of your audience to traffic sources and even the Latvia B2B List keywords users use to find your videos. All this data will help you improve your content marketing strategy and create better videos. We are going to see how you can check your YouTube analytics and what are the top metrics that you should have controlled.

How to Check Your Youtube Analytics

Discover the most important digital marketing metrics. The 130 that you should not lose sight of! Click here and download the most complete ebook. YouTube analytics how to use them to grow your channel how to check your YouTube analytics From the computer To get started, log in to your YouTube account and click on your profile icon in the top right corner. Then select YouTube Studio. You’ll be able to see some summary metrics in your channel’s dashboard. To see more in-depth analytics, go to the menu and select Analytics .

10 Key Youtube Analytics Metrics

Latvia B2B List

How to Use Them to Grow Your Channel. YouTube analytics how to use them to grow your channel Within Analytics, you will be able to see the Latvia B2B List information of your channel organized in different tabs:Overview: total views, real-time views, average watch length, estimated revenue, likes, subscribers… Earnings: Estimated Earnings, Estimated Monetized Views, Transactions, Ad Types, Top Earning Videos… Discovery: impressions, click-through rate, traffic sources, search terms, videos suggesting your content… Audience: gender, age, countries, and subtitle languages. Interactive content: clicks on teasers, clicks on displayed cards, main cards, annotations.


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