How was the historical boom of sans-serif fonts?

Although at the beginning they did not enjoy great acceptance, sansserif typefaces have managed to gain hegemony. Although today, practically everywhere we look, we will find sansserif typefaces, this was not. The case until the end of the 20th century. The essaydocumentary how sansserif fonts took over the world which you can see at the end of this post. By michael thomas, makes a brief review of the milestones that boosted sansserif fonts to the success and acceptance they enjoy nowadays. How was the historical. Boom of sansserif fonts 1 it was not until the 20th century that sans serif fonts began to be taken seriously, in fact they. Were considered unserious fonts and no publisher wanted to include them in their publications.


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In 1928 jan tschichold published the new typography , a book image manipulation service that defended modernism, exposed the growth of a wealthy and educated population, and spoke of the rise of advertising. A book that, although it ended up becoming a kind of bible for typographers, at that time enjoyed little acceptance. How was the historical boom of sansserif fonts 3 with hitler’s rise to power. In 1933, all graphic designers were required to register with the ministry of culture.

A few days later, the police found several communist posters in jan tschichold’s house, which he treasured not for their political significance, but for their typographical value. He and his wife were arrested, but managed to escape to switzerland, where they joined a group of typographers including paul renner, who years later would design the futura typeface.

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The advance of the nazis and the need for these CLB Directory typographers to After that, seek asylum in countries like the united states and the united kingdom, working in type foundries, publishers, advertising agencies, etc. Resulted in the expansion of the use of sansserif typefaces, becoming the typographic. Choice of all types of companies, governments and corporations. How was the historical boom of sansserif fonts 5 as a consequence of all. This, michael thomas makes a comparison between the. Number of headlines in which sansserif typefaces were used in 1895 5 and how many did. So in 1955 54, observing an overwhelming growth. That shows the rise of serif After that, typefaces to the detriment of sansserif.

How was the historical boom of sansserif fonts 7 how was the historical. Boom of sansserif fonts 8 the videoessay how sansserif fonts took over the. World in english explains the success of sansserif typefaces and. Helps us understand how they have become the most widely used typeface today.

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