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To learn to brim with ideas 100% involved and driven like variety inspires creative inquiring Innovative enterprising adapts quickly great Slovenia Phone Number List empathy easily bored when there is too much routine intense desire to try new things many passions and interests It is not at all surprising that many marketers and communication professionals recognize.

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A marketer comes into contact with different consumers and stakeholders. On a daily basis and must be able to empathize. With the world of the target group, understand and speak the language. Some marketers also describe themselves as ‘skilled in many markets’ and ‘not good. At one specific thing, but in several aspects’.

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Precisely because many ‘can and dare to look beyond the borders, they maintain their wide view. 3 strengths highlighted Emilie Wapnick describes in 3 strengths why a multipotentialist is an asset to a company. Whether you are empl or freelance. It does not matter, as long as you can and is allowed to do your own thing, companies. Teams benefit from the strengths below.

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