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What’s different about the SERP? The Google search Pakistan Phone Number results page looks different today. In addition to text results, Google also uses other features to display information in the SERP. A few important changes: There are more often images with the text Pakistan Phone Number results. image extension Local is becoming increasingly important. Often a local pack is now also shown when a search takes place. This shows a Google Maps piece with the nearest shops. local pack The Pakistan Phone Number heading ‘People also ask’ is becoming more and more common. Questions and answers related to your search will appear here.

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People also ask Shopping results are almost always at Pakistan Phone Number the top by default, even before the first text ads. The shopping tab in Google has been expanded with many more providers and products. This makes Google a kind of marketplace instead of just a search Pakistan Phone Number engine. The above new features are nice and certainly useful for the user, but as an online marketer you still want to ensure that your company is optimally visible on a major search engine such Pakistan Phone Number as Google. At the same time, competition is ramping up, causing costs per click (CPCs) to skyrocket.

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Certainly ‘post-corona’ (from the beginning of 2022) we Pakistan Phone Number see that many companies compete with each other to be clearly visible in the SERP. How can you still excel? Also read: Google’s search results page is changing: how can you still make an impact Pakistan Phone Number with SEO? How can you make an impact as an SEA specialist in 2022? There Pakistan Phone Number are several ways SEA specialists can help businesses become more visible in the Google SERP. 1. Be visible locally As with SEO, local visibility is becoming increasingly important. I recommend to be locally visible by working with local campaigns.

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