IBM designs its open source corporate typeface

Ibm ditches helvetica to design and develop its own free and open source corporate typeface. Despite having positioned itself as a company concerned with design since its. Inception its more than recognizable logo was designed by the legendary paul rand, ibm has been using the helvetica typography. Corporately for years a typeface that speaks of modernity, but that is already far from reflecting. The spirit that ibm wants to show its users. That is why they are now presenting ibm plex , their new corporate typeface, which encloses in its forms one of the values ​​that have accompanied the brand since the beginning of time the relationship between man and machine.


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Ibm designs its open source corporate typography 1 the photo background removing new typeface, which will replace the use of helvetica in all of ibm’s visual communication, has been designed by the brand’s creative director, mike abbink and his team of designers. This decision, however, does not respond exclusively to a need to create a typeface that identifies the values ​​of the brand, but also has its reason for being in its economic aspect, since stopping using helvetica will save ibm approximately one million of dollars a year. Ibm designs its corporate typeface open source 3 ibm plex is a font family made up of three branches a sans serif, a serif and a monospace, each with eight weights and will be available in 110 languages.

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At the moment it is available in open source format, although CLB Directory during 2018 it can also be downloaded, free of charge, from google fonts. Above these lines you can see a short video that ibm. Has published on the occasion of the launch of ibm plex , its new corporate font. Geometric shapes are in fashion today, they can be found in many different designs. They play with symmetry, minimalism and bring a more mature side than the hipster trend.

Straight lines and colorful dynamic angles draw attention to the label in a quite natural and pleasing way. The vintage and retro style is not really new for beer label. But it looks like the trend will continue to exist. Now you have to find the element that will set you apart from the others and be relevant. Talking about evolution for a trend that has existed for years seems paradoxical, yet. New (re)touches appear each year bringing new perspectives to beer packaging.

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