Iebs Brings Together the Leading Experts in Agile Methodologies at Project

In conclusion, It will be held this Thursday, October 21, 2021 via streaming and access will be free and free. The event will feature speakers at the level of ángel lozano. Enterprise agile coach for bbva next technologies. Sandra garrido, agile transformation. At uk b2b list roche, and eva fonseca, product owner at vodafone. Among others. Above all,  IEBS Business School, the digital business school specializing in online training, presents the second edition of Project & Product Digital Day, an online event in which leading experts in Agile, Scrum,

Project & Product Digital Day 2021

In addition, Design thinking and product development will share their experiences in the application of these technologies and good practices in the business world. After that,  IEBS brings together the leading experts in agile methodologies at Project & Product UK B2B List Digital Day 2021 Despite the digital revolution and the technological changes that we are currently facing, numerous companies have lagged behind in innovation and do not respond to the demands that the market is demanding . The implementation and development of agile methodologies. Is a fundamental commitment. For those organizations in the process. Of digital transformation, since they allow the way of working to be adapted. To the conditions.

It Encompasses From the Beginning to the Planning

UK B2B List

In this sense, project management or project management. Is the application of methodologies, experience. Skills and knowledge to achieve specific objectives.Of a specific project following the agreed criteria. It encompasses from the beginning to the planning. And control of a series of tasks necessary to deliver. In other words, A final product, for which it requires the acquisition. Therefore, Of a series of skills and the use of tools. Project & Product Digital Day 2021 Project & Product Digital Day is an event that was born with the aim of disseminating, with examples and success stories, how some organizations have managed to overcome the challenges of change towards success.

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