If Twitter Trends Can Predict Stock Market Performance, What Business?

There is still no complete solution to peeking at the future of Wall Street. As it turns out, the answer may lie in Weibo — yeah, this Twitter. Let’s go back to 2011, and there are already reports of tech-savvy observers. Stocking up on popular social networks to predict market performance. The latest results from a study conducted by the University of California, Riverside. Professor Vagelis Hristidis leads a team of engineers and scientists as they try to find out if the heaviest. Hype around a company’s Twitter buzz translates to its performance in the market. The team found that the correlation did exist.

According to the findings, companies are frequently talking about being better in the Twitter stock market than those with less hype-generating streamlines. For more concrete results, the group conducted, which identified stock forecasts Estonia Phone Number List for major actors on Twitter only down 2.2%, compared to a 4.2% loss in the Dow Jones Industrial Average suffered a four-month trial period. Even if Hristidis is relevant, it is puzzling why the study backfired.

Prediction Fields Cited for Twitter

The use of Weibo Trend Talks to help predict a company’s performance in the stock market has us thinking. About what it might be able to lend predictive insight to elsewhere. Here are some of our findings. Movies – In “Predicting the Future of Social Media,” an article by Sitarum Assur and Bernardo Huberman, researchers measure the impact of social media craze on top-budget Hollywood movies and their Box office performance. What they determined was that they could predict more or less the success of certain movies based on the hype they generated through Twitter before the release.

Your Niche –

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Monitoring Weibo trends can provide insight into the future of any market – even if a company specializes in the right tools at your disposal, you’ll be one step closer to learning who’s right for your network and what’s yours The audience is most likely to react, and so on. Before we wrap up the session, we must stress that Weibo is by no means the holy grail of any future predicted.¬†Without that magical, elusive crystal ball, any prediction can turn into a failure.¬†However, the results it produced were uncompromisingly impressive, and in the future, it provided intelligence that could get better.

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