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Thrive in business and make a profit! And this, starts with New Zealand Phone Number List having your unique SOUL Purpose at the core of everything you do and say to clients, potential clients and referral partners. Be specific! Don’t be too afraid to market your spiritual business in a way that feels good to you. If all 100 massage therapists believed they could market their spiritual business successfully, If We Are Unable and earn what they were really worth, do you think they would have gone back to their day jobs? No! The BIGGEST reason your must avoid these marketing mistakes is, because if you don’t you are doing yourself and the people you were MEANT to reach a disservice!

Both Facebook and Instagram would stop working throughout the region

Okay, so how do those who have successfully built their spiritual business using authentic marketing strategies and made their way to the top, do it? They stay true to themselves, know how to use authentic marketing strategies that feel congruent with their purpose in life, delegate, outsource, hire a coach or mentor, get supervision or get support from ‘like minded’ others, invest, test, tweak and measure. Most of all they become fearless in what they do! It doesn’t scare them anymore, or it scares them a lot less to think that they would not being doing more of the work they love. They have learnt to turn their vocation into a vacation!

New Zealand Phone Number List

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They no longer have ‘Lone Ranger Syndrome’, wearing all the hats in life and spiritual business and going it alone. It is so important that you don’t try to be someone or everything that you are not, adding to the marketing ‘noise’ by trying to people please, never saying no or working with anyone and everyone who will pay you or not pay you for your services. You are NOT just another person in your field of expertise, YOU have a unique soul purpose that needs to shine through when you are marketing your spiritual business. You will need to be original and have your own style to make marketing your Spiritual Business ‘effortless’. There are so many ways your character can shine through.

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