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This will probably continue to be the case for the foreseeable future. At the same time, one entrance or portal function is desirable for, for example, less frequent questions and tasks. But also think of searching in multiple UAE Phone Number List applications and systems ( enterprise search ), the reference or cms function, and formal internal (top-down) communication. Some organizations need more control over the user experience (UX) of their systems.

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Watch out for too much one size fits and make sure there is room to segment information and functionality, personalize it if possible, and possibly even customize it. Think and work from the digital employee experience (#DEX) on the basis of qualitative and quantitative insight into the needs and expectations of employees, on the basis of personas, employee journey maps, and good (performance) tests.

UAE Phone Number List
UAE Phone Number List

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The efficiency and effectiveness of that experience. If the digital work environment is the home base in hybrid operating organizations, it must also contain some individuality. Can you give your digital work environment more ‘face’ than just a spot color from? Your house style palette or a logo at the top left? Try to radiate your brand and culture. So that employees no less or perhaps never work at a location, also feel at home.

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