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And many organizations want to continue to facilitate this in the future. This is how the era of hybrid works has begun. But how do we do that, hybrid work? Will we continue to share video calls and documents? Or are there other forms Switzerland Phone Number List of digital collaboration as well? This article is about that. Tip! Also, read my previous article on how to shape hybrid works.

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Recently, we have experienced an excess of online meetings. Zoom fatigue became a serious problem for many people. We have now fully understood that this is not the intention. We’ve also learned to use chat more often and post messages in Teams (or in Slack or similar apps) instead of email. And we share documents through shared channels more often than we throw them over the fence in emails.
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Switzerland Phone Number List
Photo of a woman with a laptop, with children playing in the background, urging the woman to be quiet But is it really as innovative as we think? I don’t think so, because: In the past, communities used to gather in the town square, scratching appointments on stones and then storing them in a shed. They were moved by horse and carriage when necessary. Later, these agreements were written on paper documents that were then stored in folders in a (file) cabinet.

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