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It is not at all unusual to ask questions about the general terms and conditions of an intended ICT service provider. You can even choose to declare Spain Phone Number List your own terms and conditions applicable. For example, many organizations include in their own terms and conditions that they only have an obligation of best efforts to perform well.

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Under that condition, it is almost impossible to hold a service provider responsible for unsatisfactory performance. This is also apparent from the case law on this matter. As a purchasing organization, you should always ask yourself two questions Do I (without further ado) agree that the general terms and conditions of the ICT service provider apply to the agreement I enter into with them?

Spain Phone Number List
Spain Phone Number List

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in those terms and conditions? Is the service provider obliged to deliver certain (measurable) performances or should he only make maximum efforts to do so? It is good advice to hire a lawyer early in the process. This provides a perspective that is valuable early in the process, especially in the case of large and important contracts.

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