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Investing in a media monetization business through the personalization of the spaces advertised on the website and app has the potential to elevate the consumer experience instead of harming it. Likewise. It offers a new and unexplored revenue stream Japan phone number for retailers struggling to compete in the omnichannel environment. As retailers strive to reduce the costs that e-commerce brings. Media monetization offers enormous potential in offsetting these costs and is an integral part of retail business models developed in the e-commerce environment. Because they provide advertisers with a clear link between their ad spend and increased sales.

This formula can help retailers generate additional revenue in the form of marketing spend. 44% of manufacturers plan to increase their on-site advertising spend over the next five years (according to etail. 2020) – a huge opportunity for retailers prepared to capitalize on it. Increase basket size through new product discovery. Key to the grocery shopper Japan phone number experience Increasing the size of the basket by making these new media highly relevant to the consumer is possible and allows for increased category penetration. Among others. Through the discovery of new products. The importance of this fact is not just limited to sales. As helping customers find new products can be a great addition to their experience. In fact. Nine out of ten buyers say they have not made a decision about a brand before without having carried out the corresponding product search (according to a study by Status Labs).

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Similarly. Two out of three consumers are willing to have their data used for the benefit of a more relevant and personalized shopping experience (Integral Ad Science. 2020). All this shows that customers do not see personalized advertising as an inconvenience. Sebastian Duque. Head of Southern Europe at dunnhumby. Commented: “As shoppers around the world Japan phone number continue to move towards online grocery shopping. Forward-thinking retailers are already planning how to capitalize on this trend. Moments like Black- Friday. Where bets are played on the adoption of the channel. Are perfect to remember that presenting the exact products to the right buyers at the right time is the basis of both a better customer experience and a new revenue stream for the retailer. . Which materializes in a hitherto unexplored media business”.

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Ecommerce cloud native or how to have an off-road e-commerce Tags e-commerce cloud platforms online commerce online stores read later favorites 0 ads Royal Communication Marketing and Communication Agency. 15 years innovating for brands When Japan phone number the March confinement arrived. Many companies discovered that it was not enough to have an open online store to sell everything they used to sell on their offline channels. An avalanche of orders impossible to manage. E-commerces unable to scale. Difficulties in improving the platform in a matter of days or weeks.

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A nightmare from which it seemed that we were not going to wake up. How can we safely face such brutal sales growth in the future? With an online store hosted in the cloud. Or what is the same. A cloud native e-commerce. Why migrate your online store to the cloud? Lately it’s been on the lips of all the Google Cloud Platform tools . But until recently we hadn’t Japan phone number about it related to e-commerce. A cloud native e-commerce refers to an online store that has all its infrastructure hosted in the cloud. By having that immense storage space. We can scale our online store to infinity. In addition to many other things. When the pandemic arrived and many companies wanted to scale their e-commerce project. They came face to face with reality. Their online store was a monolithic system by which.

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