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An experiment showed that chocolate milk tasted better Ecuador Phone Number from a round mug, while coffee tasted better from an angular mug. You can also apply this effect of shape to packaging. For example, angular packaging makes a yoghurt taste fuller, while round Ecuador Phone Number packaging makes the yoghurt taste softer. This association between form and taste does not only apply to what we feel, but also to what we see. For example, we associate round fonts on packaging with sweet, so that we also experience the product as sweeter, while we experience products with angular fonts on Ecuador Phone Number the packaging as more acidic. It is therefore wise to accentuate the positioning of your product with your packaging. Taste Perhaps the most complex aspect of sensory marketing: taste.

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This complexity lies in the fact that taste strongly Ecuador Phone Number depends on context. A legendary experiment made this unmistakably clear. During a wine tasting, the researchers asked the guests to describe a white wine. This wine was described by those present Ecuador Phone Number as ‘fresh, citrus, floral and pineapple’. Typical characteristics of a white wine. Moments later, they asked the guests to describe a red wine. The description was: ‘chocolate, round, musk and cherry’. What the guests didn’t know, however, is that the red wine was exactly the same as the white wine, but with added red Ecuador Phone Number food coloring. By only changing the color, the entire taste experience changed with it (Morrot, Brochet & Dubourdieu, 2001).

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Best & worst practices in sensory marketing Time to explain Ecuador Phone Number some best practices. And this time also some worst practices, to show how the unintentionally wrong use of sensory marketing can have a negative effect on your brand. Best Ecuador Phone Number practice 1: Dunkin’ Donuts (fragrance) We saw a strong example of scent marketing during a Dunkin’ Donuts campaign. The campaign was launched on public transport, where every time the Dunkin’ Donuts Ecuador Phone Number jingle came out of the bus’s speakers, a fragrance atomizer released coffee aroma. The result? 16% more visitors in Dunkin’ Donuts shops around bus stops, and 29% more sales. Dunkin’ donuts.

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