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It must be sustainable over time: Which means that the innovation must be applied to improve results while being sustainable over time. From here we can establish that the level of change allows us to classify innovation into two types: Radical Turkey phone number innovation: That type of change that starts from scratch all the conceptualization of what you want to change. In this type of innovation it is understood that it takes more time. Effort and cost to carry out. At the same time that it has a higher risk to be successful. For example: The invention of the automobile. Which was not based on the same horse cars. But took new elements such as a mechanical engine to work. Or the first iphone.

Which was not based on the cell phones of the time. But rather had a totally new concept by using a touch screen and an app store. Incremental innovation: That type of change that is based on the elements that are subject to modification and improves them. In this type of innovation. It will be possible to have faster improvements. With a lower relative Turkey phone number cost and with a lower risk of success. For example: A smartphone that remains the same. But it becomes faster or some additional component is added. Continuous improvement: Continuous improvement is an element of quality management systems that establishes a mechanism so that these systems can achieve better results.

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According to this element. Continuous improvement can occur by solving errors or by detecting opportunities to better perform a process. Activity or product. According to this. Continuous improvement has the following elements: It is a process: The company must establish the mechanism or process to identify and execute continuous improvement. Requires Turkey phone number sustainable changes: Continuous improvement raises the need to establish tools that allow changes to be introduced to improve the performance of the system in a sustainable or continuous way. Understanding the concept of innovation and continuous improvement. We can say that: Continuous improvement.

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As well as innovation. Are a process that generates changes. Continuous improvement is normally based on the elements subject to change in order to improve it. So. Although it is not exclusive. It could be considere as an element that focuses on incremental Turkey phone number innovation rather than radical innovation. If you are looking for innovation and you already have a mature quality management system in your business. It is very good because. Believe it or not. You were already working on incremental innovation through the continuous improvement process. To enhance it. You can include an innovation process within the system that allows you to work on radical innovation.

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If you have a quality management system that is not yet mature in your business and is not use much. But you are interest in innovation. Give it more strength and start using the process of continuous improvement. Which will allow you to establish a systematic method of innovation. Incremental. If you do not have a quality management system in your Turkey phone number business. But you are interest in innovation. It is a good time to think about a quality management system or to define some method that allows you to systematically follow the steps to innovate. Within of which you can consider the following elements that will help you foster or limit innovation: What actions encourage innovation: Show the purpose or why of your business or project.

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