What It Is and How to Manage Digital Assets

Have you ever thought about how you manage your digital assets? As we launch our marketing actions, we accumulate more and more pieces of content with different formats, versions, licenses, rights expiration dates, access levels… If we do not have a good asset management system, this can become a real chaos and end up harming us. We tell you how to Guatemala B2B List solve it using digital asset management (DAM) . Are you thinking of developing an Inbound Marketing strategy for your company and have doubts? Click here and close with us a free consultation.

What Is Digital Asset Management (Dam)?

Digital Asset Management DAM what it is and how to manage digital assets What is digital asset management (DAM)? All companies produce digital files in different formats: spreadsheets, documents, presentations, videos, audios, images… All this content has great value for the company, hence it is consider an asset. Typically, there are Guatemala B2B List multiple people involve in the creation and distribution of these assets, perhaps even in different geographic locations. It is also possible that the files are stored in different places, such as an internal server, a cloud solution.

What Can Digital Asset Management Bring to Your Company?

Guatemala B2B List

Email or the devices of each worker. In this situation arises the digital asset management or dam. A software that is responsible for centralizing, standardizing. And distributing digital files so that all those involved in the processes of creation and distribution. Of the guatemala b2b list same have a central repository. Of updated files. The main functions of digital asset management. Programs are: centralize digital assets in a single place, so that the consistency. Standardize different aspects of digital assets, such as dimensions. Formats, names, and categories, so that they are easy to access and manipulate.

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