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Be summed up using the words speed. Impatience and new roles. The key points From the outset. Everything will work faster. It’s already doing it now. As they explain in the analysis. You can no longer spend 12 months profiling and designing a campaign. Everything must flow faster. Because the market and consumers are working that way. Everything Sweden phone number is more ephemeral: the useful life of campaigns and brand messages is much shorter. Getting messages to stick in brand memories is a challenge that is becoming more complicated every day and in which the pace of production must be more accelerated. Furthermore. Brands do not compete solely with other brands. There are more and more elements that try to capture your attention and take a few seconds of your time. From clickbait to influencers. Passing through a whole range of content in between.

Agencies must work faster and be producing elements that fit into that context very quickly. Everything becomes old news very soon and the windows in which something is fresh are shorter. If the agencies continue to work as they always did. They will not be able to keep up that pace. Because. And this is the second key point. We now live in the age of Sweden phone number impatience. Consumers are increasingly impatient and give less margin to everything. So are the companies-clients with the work of their agencies. They cannot afford to be slower than their potential customers. They need to be one step ahead. And. Finally. They must accept that the work they do. In essence. Has changed. As they explain in the analysis. They will become. Between now and 2025. Elements on which brands rely to create strategies or as creative or insight platforms. They will no longer be that agency that does everything for a specific brand.

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The mobile will be the most used channel for digital purchases this Christmas Tags shopping mobile read later favorites 0 ads Royal Communication Marketing and Communication Agency. 15 years innovating for brands A recent study by adcolony analyzes Sweden phone number Christmas shopping will be like this year in Europe and the role that the mobile will have as a tool for purchasing gifts. Where 55% consider that the mobile is the main option for digital purchases at this time of year. By way of introduction. And before going into the particularities of mobile shopping. The study indicates that this year the main purchases will be focused on clothing. Electronic products. Books and household items. And among the main findings. The following stand out: The majority of consumers (48%) prefer to buy online and with home delivery. And only 33% are in favor of buying in a physical store.

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Despite the pandemic. 44% of people prefer to have products delivered to their homes and then exchange gifts in person afterwards. And only 23% plan to send gifts to the homes of their loved ones. The majority of consumers (42%) prefer to make purchases from an app instead of browsing from their mobile through a search engine. In addition. Buying from the Sweden phone number is considered as safe as doing it from a computer. 50% of respondents say that the ads they see on mobile have a significant effect on their purchasing behavior. In fact. 37% of consumers buy the product they want after seeing an ad related to it. In addition. 48% have bought something directly with their mobile since the advertisement they have seen. In addition to this. 64% would be willing to buy something from an ad if the product was relevant to them.

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The main reasons to buy online instead of in store are that the offer is better (36%). You need a different size. Color etc. Of the product (21%) or who change their mind and do not want to return to the store (13%). The things that matter most to consumers when shopping from their mobile phones is that it is easy to navigate from the app or the online store (38%). It has Sweden phone number facilities (36%). And they receive exclusive offers (14%). Also. Other uses of the mobile are to see the prices of the competition. Look for product reviews or take pictures while shopping in the store. And 74% think that it is important to have the mobile when buying in a physical store. At the same time.

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