Marketing on Twitch With Influencers: How to Do It the Smart Way

Twitch is the most popular and largest live streaming platform in the world. Since its appearance, it has been focused on the live broadcast of video game games, although little by little content of other themes has appeared. This means that although the Belgium Business Fax List majority of users are gamers, there are more and more experts on other topics, which makes this platform the ideal place to carry out an influencer marketing strategy . Do you want to better understand video marketing and how to advertise on youtube? Click here and download the “Youtube course:

What Is Influencer Marketing on Twitch?

Digital advertising and video marketing” marketing on twitch with influencers how to do it the smart way what is influencer marketing on twitch? Twitch is a platform where, initially, all the content was related to video games. Currently you can Belgium Business Fax List find content that touches on other themes and that has little or nothing to do with the world of video games, such as diy, lifestyle, music, literature… But its operation, regardless of the theme, is always the same: the influencer makes a live broadcast while playing, cooking, doing diy tasks… And making comments and interacting with the public through chat. Its operation, then, is very different from that of other social networks or platforms,

Since Only Live Content Can Be Shared on Twitch

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Which implies doing a different type of marketing than would be done on another network or medium. Influencers play a key role here, since only through them can a marketing strategy be carried out on twitch . What is clear is that brands have the opportunity to promote. They themselves in a different and unique way and, at the same time. To create a much closer bond with the user, even if. It is through a streamer. Of course, the job. Of the brand is to find an influencer who wants. To collaborate and who, at the same time, promotes the same. Values ​​and fits in with the company’s image.

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