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Google then tries to explain to you what is going wrong, but the Norway Phone Number program is not very clear in that. There are several YouTube videos that will help you step by step, such as this one by Laila Gharani. 7. Quickly open a new spreadsheet Another little trick! Did Norway Phone Number you know that typing in your browser instantly creates a Norway Phone Number new spreadsheet? This will automatically be placed in your personal folder. Below I share a few basic tips that many people will already know, but which I still regularly see people searching for. So let me name them anyway!

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Freeze Rows & Columns Suppose you want to always Norway Phone Number see the first row at the top of your spreadsheet, even when you scroll down. You can then ‘lock’ this row. You can also pin columns. This is how you do this: Select the row or column. Click on ‘View’ at Norway Phone Number the top of the menu and then on ‘Pin’. Select which row or column you want to pin. Then you Norway Phone Number can see by the thick gray line that the row or column has been locked successfully. 9. Rotate Texts You pinned the top row and it looks pretty nice. But the words there in the cells are on the long side.

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This either makes the cells too wide or even the Norway Phone Number spreadsheet as a whole becomes too wide, forcing you to scroll sideways. Not nice! Then it can sometimes be useful to rotate the text in the top row. This is how you do this: Select Norway Phone Number the row. Click on ‘text rotation’ in the menu. This is the icon with an A with a slanted arrow, found on the Norway Phone Number top left side. Choose ’tilt up’ or ‘swivel up’. You can also try another option, but these two are the most used by me. Rotate text in spreadsheet. 10. Resize cells at once Speaking of cell width. Did you know that you can also adjust the width in one go?

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