Meet Talented Designer and Architect, Rotred

Meet RotRed – a talented designer and architect who is preparing for a masters degree in Advanced Architectural Design. Germany WhatsApp Number List. We are proud to have Najla a part of the 99designs community. Rotred Name: Najla Mansour Location: United Kingdom 99designs handle: RotRed How did you get started in design? Designing is my life! Ever since I was 11 years old, drawing has been my favorite hobby. I started getting into graphic design at the age of 15 and from then on decided to be a graphic designer. However… I managed to join the school of architecture to become an architect instead  I thought by studying architecture. Germany WhatsApp Number List.

A Talented Designer and Architect

I would be a designer who can design everything. Germany WhatsApp Number List. – graphic design is in my blood and under my skin! My graphic design skills helped me graduate on the top of my class in 2009 and get a scholarship to study for my MSc in Advanced Architectural Design in the UK starting in September 2011. Logo: Krystle Castillo Photography Logo for Krystle Castillo Photography How do you get your design inspiration? It’s very difficult to determine what or who inspired you, but we are always affected and influenced by our surrounding environment. When I say environment I mean everything – the people and all the other things around you. It all affects me… Germany WhatsApp Number List

I Would Be a Designer Who Can Design Everything

Germany WhatsApp Number List
Germany WhatsApp Number List

sometimes negatively and sometimes positively and both are important in developing my thoughts and designs. When I started drawing and designing I was in total control – I was the one who set the rules and conditions that dictated the direction of my work.  But after I entered school I have had to give up some of that control to the clients. They are the ones judging my work – people whom I may never meet look to me to create a design that suits their needs. I do my my best to interpret what they want from their creative brief and deliver – it’s been a tremendous learning experience. I always try to learn from everything and everyone I meet and I’ll keep.

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