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In “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, the player becomes the protagonist Link. When Link, who just woke up, walks out of the initial mesa cave, the game is officially started. The sealed Princess Zelda wakes up Link, and she has to go to the temple to learn the operation and fighting skills of the Shika Stone, but if you don’t follow the game’s plot, if you don’t go to the temple and don’t fight the Demon King, it will hardly affect the back. Game experience, so some players like myself spent a month wandering on a prairie in Hyrule. Every mountain can be climbed, many objects can be chopped, and

Ingredients can be obtained by attacking animals important

All the weapons you get in the game will be worn out, so getting powerful weapons has become dispensable in Breath of the Wild. In addition to picking up rusty weapons on the roadside, you can also grab monster weapons. , monsters will be resurrected after the blood moon every time, so Morocco Phone Number the source of weapons can be said to be almost endless. When everything in the game does not have to be done, the whole game atmosphere becomes very relaxed and comfortable. From the beginning of walking out of the slime on the side of the cave, the more you explore later, you will find that the monsters on the side of the road are getting longer and weirder. Rainier, the strength gap is large enough,

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If you encounter a monster you can’t defeat, you can run away

There are many easter eggs worth collecting in the Hyrule Kingdom map, such as treasure chests. Containing gems and weapons, and small gifts can be obtained by attacking wooden chests or ores by the side of the road. Others need to find hidden places or pass the test. The elf poo that can only be obtained, through the method of periodic discovery. You can see the strange cracks in the rocks on the roadside, you can blow it up. You can cut down a strange tree, and the little rabbit that emits a strange light can also use arrows. Shoot him. Many kinds of seemingly unusual landscaping actually contain easter eggs, making them more motivated to continue exploring this wilderness.


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