Misapprehension of Influencer Marketing Process

Nevertheless, there are some trends that we’d be foolish not to recognize Taiwan Phone Number List. As we begin the last chapter of 2017, many companies are still working through the creation of a bona fide content marketing strategy. If that’s you, here are some hints: Native advertising continues to be the gateway drug to success, and mobile continues to be the flavor of every month.

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That said, Smart Insights reports that content marketing is THE single most important technique for driving incremental sales in 2017. In an industry that’s all about experimentation, some key trends stand out. Here are 10 content marketing trends that everyone is talking about.  Brands Will Continue to Invest in Original Content Recently.

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It became public knowledge that tech giant Apple is planning to invest of $1 billion in original content. Though some gossip states that Apple is making this move to take on Netflix, we believe there’s more on Apple’s mind than video streaming. As competition in this space heats up, brands need to stay relevant.

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