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Load data from another tab Do you want to bundle data Morocco Phone Number from different tabs of your spreadsheet into one sheet? Which can! Select the cell where you want to load the data. Type = followed by the sheet name, an exclamation mark, and the cell to be copied. For example: =Content schedule!A1 If the name of the tab you want to copy from contains spaces or Morocco Phone Number other non-alphanumeric symbols, use single quotes. For example: =’Planning content marketing’!B4 6. Get data from another spreadsheet Suppose, as a social media manager, you work closely with the Morocco Phone Number marketing team, but they have their own schedule in which they keep track of their campaigns.

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You may also want to be able to easily view this in Morocco Phone Number addition to your own planning. Or maybe you, as a content marketer, want to see the current sales figures of products and be able to load them from another spreadsheet. Then you can use the Morocco Phone Number importrange function. Google explains it like this: The url usually has /edit at the end, you can omit that. End with a semicolon. Then enter the tab name of that spreadsheet and the range in double quotes. For example: “content Morocco Phone Number planning!A1:A50” If you’re linking the spreadsheets for the first time, you’ll now see a error, with Google asking you to link the spreadsheets.

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Give permission. If successful, the data will load. Your formula Morocco Phone Number could look like this: Content schedule!A1:A35″) Choose a wide Morocco Phone Number range if data is added later in further cells of that other spreadsheet. Then that data will also automatically accrue to you, which is handy! I must confess that I do not always have immediate success with Morocco Phone Number this position. Even while writing this article, I still ran into errors . Usually it’s a parsing error, so a bug in my code.

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