Most Useful Social Media Tools

Social media sites have all gained greater leverage for people to interact with friends, colleagues and family members. In the past, people used to spend long hours surfing the web through various websites, forums, blogs and others. As of now, various social media sites and tools are available for internet users to easily connect with the world. Get through the article to see 7 popular and very useful social media tools.If you enter a keyword, G+ search brings up a list of results. Well, search results appear listed in five categories; All, Posts, Profiles, Buzz Bulgaria Phone Number List and Google Reader. This means users can easily access Google’s social media-fueled content. G+ Search is a great way to search Google’s new social media sites and Google+ content. Google surprised people with G+ searches.

It works the same pattern on which Google search works. Just enter the desired search and G+ Search will display relevant results from social media platforms. It also includes photo, video and news links, which allow people to share search options on their profiles.

From Hootsuite

This is a social media dashboard where users can merge all major social media sites including Facebook and Twitter together. Users will be able to access streams from these social media sites from HootSuite. At the same time, there are options, update status, and even time for specific updates and messages. The Android app work from HootSuite is cool. From HootSuite you can also control and manage the message scheduler, giving you all the massage service details. SocialOomph is another social media tool, especially designed for Twitter. It is known as the original tool for making follow-up tracks and stop following, inactive accounts, no images, or bio and multi-category profiles. In addition, it has a range of basic features, auto-following and auto-DM features, Facebook features, submission of social updates, scheduling and posting blog posts and using keyword categories to find friends to follow features.


Listorious Design is a tool for searching accounts on Twitter. Among other things, it enables to search people list and locate the person you are looking for. It has broad categories including action, environment, music, social media and health.

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