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The Federal Trade Commission continues to take measures to protect consumers from companies who aren’t transparent enough. Including work with influencers. Take what happened with Machinima. In 2015, the FTC slapped Machinima, a YouTube gaming network. With a warning for not disclosing paid endorsements to YouTube influencers. And this is far from the only instance. A quick Google search shows that a lack of disclosure and transparency have caused trouble for many brands.

How to Leverage Packaging to Boost Your Business

To build (and maintain) the trust of your audience. The next phase of influencer marketing and brand content needs to ensure that every piece of content created is transparent. 3. Content Marketing Budgets Will Continue to Increase Across the globe, companies are spending huge amounts of money on content marketing. What serves as great news for content marketers also presents challenges for businesses with a limited staff.

The importance of packaging

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This is propelling the likelihood that companies turn to freelance writers and others who can produce content for a price. 4. Content Marketing Duties Continue to Overlap Often. It’s difficult to determine exactly who is in charge of content within a company. Roles and duties shift within marketing departments and even in other areas of the business.

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