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Is in the t-shirt category, they will see a ‘T-shirt Styles’ heading with a group of attributes under which they can select different terms. Create a new group for each category, naming only the top widget in each group. Some themes allow you to add swatches, images, and other enhancements to the Attribute Filter widgets. With a theme that doesn’t have these enhancements, like WooCommerce Storefront for example, I like to use a dropdown so I can filter products by attribute. Filter products by attributesmobile filters Thus, the client sees that he has options -and that is our goal-.

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Attribute filter, a fairly long list may appear on the back-end. However, on the front-end only the attributes assigned to the category that the user is currently visiting in the store will be displayed. However, there is one exception: the eCommerce store page, which is usually Guatemala Phone Numbers  located at On this page, the sidebar can be long and confusing, but there is a solution. Do not link to this page from any menu. I think that, for the most part, people have the impression that, being the home of the store, everyone starts their buying process there. However, this is a hoax that is far from reality.

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Find the online store will access the home page or, if you have done a good SEO job, one of the pages of it. I recommend you use the main menu for categories, popular or important attributes and important pages on the web. The store page can be skipped. It is not so important within the web structure. Next, we’ll add the Active Product Filters widget to the bottom of the store’s sidebar. To do this, follow the same steps as adding the other widgets, but this time select Active Product Filters. active filters Do you already know how to increase the visibility of a product with WooCommerce? As you can see, spending time configuring categories, tags, attributes, menus and filters can improve your digital visibility and the sales capacity of an online store.

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