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A marketing approach that does not just look everywhere to Malaysia Phone Number see whether something can be achieved in terms of visibility or conversion, but that focuses on the target with laser focus. And yes, that requires preparation. And no, you usually don’t get to Malaysia Phone Number that. Except during the summer dip! So grab your business goals and start again at the basics. Break free from all the marketing buzz words and from all those things that people say is just part and Malaysia Phone Number parcel of it. Use common sense: which marketing activities bring you step by step closer to your goals? Write down those activities. Because you will be carrying it out in the coming months. Only those .

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The rest is noise. 4. Prepare for the Holidays Whatever Malaysia Phone Number you come up with with your marketing plan, there is a ‘holidays’ component. Black Friday , Sinterklaas, Christmas: these days simply provide such high turnover, as a web retailer you can only Malaysia Phone Number dream of that for the rest of the year. Yes, the absolute opposite of the summer slump. There is a good chance that you will run out of hands that you have free in the summer by the holidays. Get everything Malaysia Phone Number you can put ready, so get it ready now. This means that you at least make all your marketing communications.

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But also having a good plan ready for logistics and knowing Malaysia Phone Number where to get extra manpower from if necessary can give you a lot of peace of mind. Work ahead and be the only online retailer in the Netherlands who whistles through the run-up to Malaysia Phone Number Christmas and without any form of stress and last minute running out of your body. Sounds Malaysia Phone Number good? I thought so too. I wish you a super nice and super productive summer, from which you will reap the fruits all autumn and winter! Register now for the Webwinkel Vakdagen 2022! June 29 & 30 is the event for the e-commerce industry: the Webwinkel Vakdagen.

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