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The Downside of Email, Strangely enough, e-mail was once conceived as a solution to handle internal mail more easily and, above all, cheaper… and therefore Algeria Phone Number Listintended as an asynchronous (!) way of working. The result, however, is well known: an abundance of messages and people who sometimes spend hours a day only processing email.

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Cal Newport, in his recent book, A World Without Email, writes about. How knowledge workers have given autonomy over. The past decades to determine how they do their jobs. At the same time, he describes that this autonomy should mainly concern work content and not necessarily work processes.

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The book is about e-mail as a symptom of ‘ the hyperactive hive mind. The hyperactive swarm brain in which organizations and employees expect each other (a) to be available. At all times and (b) to respond quickly to messages. Interestingly enough. Attempts to get rid of (mainly internal) emails think of chat in Teams, messages in Slack or posts on your social intranet are therefore not a solution.

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