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That’s how you do that: Select the rows or columns to which Nepal Phone Number you want to apply the conditional formatting. Right-click on this selection and choose ‘Conditional formatting’ in the menu that appears. Now you will see ‘Conditional Nepal Phone Number formatting rules’ on the right side. You can also adjust the range here. If this is correct, continue to the options below. At ‘Format cells as you can choose different options in the drop-down menu. In this case I Nepal Phone Number choose ‘Text contains’. Below that I enter ‘LinkedIn’.Use conditional formatting for social media planning. Then adjust the formatting style.

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For Instagram, for example, I want the color of Nepal Phone Number the cell to be orange, so I adjust that with the paint can at the layout style. Then I choose ‘Add another rule’ and I repeat steps 4-5-6 for other social media channels. With other colors of course. When Nepal Phone Number you’re done, click ‘Done’. You will then see all conditional formatting rules in a row on the right. Click on the cross to close the menu. Social Media Scheduling in Google Sheets with Conditional Formatting Nepal Phone Number Rules. Are you not satisfied with the layout or do you want to add something to the layout rules? Then you can right-click on a cell and select ‘Conditional formatting’ via ‘View more cell actions.

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This way you open the menu again and you can Nepal Phone Number add new rules or adjust existing formatting rules. The visual example above is greatly simplified for planning purposes, but hopefully you will already get an idea of ​​the possibilities of conditional Nepal Phone Number formatting. What your ideal planning should look like is very personal. You can extend this, for example, by working with an annual calendar (see tip 3 for a handy tip!). Maybe you just want to have the Nepal Phone Number data in a column and display the blog posts on the rows. That is also possible. And you can expand your schedule with different times, if you post on a social channel several times a day.

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