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Let’s do this for the fictional cleaning company that USA Phone Number specializes in cleaning solar panels. The percentage of customers who bought something more than once In this case it is important to only look at customers who became customers for the first time more than a year ago. After all, with customers who had their solar panels cleaned for the first time 2 weeks ago, it is USA Phone Number logical that they have not returned more often. 60% of customers have bought something more than once. Time interval between purchases Customers seem to adhere reasonably to the recommended USA Phone Number cleaning interval of 3 months. The average time interval between purchases is 4 months.

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The average order amount per order This amount is € 30 per USA Phone Number cleaning. How often does the customer keep returning in his or her life? This is a difficult question for the solar panel cleaning company. Solar panels have been on the market for a relatively short USA Phone Number time and so far, customers who have cleaned more than once seem to be returning in large numbers. But it would be unwise to think that 60% of customers will remain customers for the rest of their USA Phone Number lives. After all, there are so many factors that can influence whether or not you return to the cleaning company.

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Think of a move, a divorce or financial setbacks. It is therefore USA Phone Number wise to make an informed estimate. In this case it seems logical to look at the average number of years that people stay in a house. In the Netherlands this average is 10 years. Also read: Cold sales in USA Phone Number B2B sales: is it still of this time? Are we there then? No not yet. At 10 years old, you assume that all people immediately call in the cleaning company after their most recent move and USA Phone Number remain a customer there until the next move. Quite unlikely. That is why we halve this average, which brings us to 5 years.

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