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This way you end up in the local pack and you even Philippines Phone Number have a chance to be at the top of the list of companies (depending on how much competition there is). With local campaigns . You promote your Google Business Profile through Google’s most use Philippines Phone Number services: the Google search network. Maps, YouTube and the Google Display network. These local campaigns are aim at achieving offline goals. Usually these are store visits. Suppose you are a clothing Philippines Phone Number store in the center of Rotterdam. You would like to send people to your store and you choose to set up a local campaign.

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Through machine learning from Google. The campaign Philippines Phone Number aims to maximize in-store value by driving as many people within the target audience to the store. This is measured by a special local conversion type: store visits. So you are locally Philippines Phone Number visible and the campaign also tries to send as many (relevant) people to your store as Philippines Phone Number possible. Win win situation! 2. Make use of shopping (if relevant) Are you a retailer or webshop and do you sell products? There are several ways how you can be visible and show your range to many visitors.

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I recommend using shopping campaigns in Philippines Phone Number Google Ads and organic shopping listings. Feed optimization is important here. Shopping campaigns Make use of (smart) shopping campaigns. Shopping ads stand out because they appear at the Philippines Phone Number top of the search results page and the product image and price (and other details) are visible at a glance. People are therefore also the first to be attracted to these advertisements. The consumer Philippines Phone Number can directly compare different providers and products. As a company. You also want to be among these to show your range, price and availability.

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