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If they had to be shared, copies were made manually and delivered by the messenger. Nowadays we hold digital meetings, we store our digital documents Thailand Phone Number List in digital folders in a digital filing cabinet, and we send those documents via digital mail, namely e-mail. In other words, not much has changed in how we work and collaborate.

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Is that sustainable in organizations that work in a hybrid manner? I do not think so. Why, Alexia Cambon recently wrote in The Guardian: working remotely is not the problem, it is sticking to practices that belonged to the office. Working remotely isn’t the problem, it’s sticking to practices that came with the office.

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Thailand Phone Number List

A hybrid meeting is not the solution The question is whether we should meet for everything at all. It’s like working together is not possible without being together in one (physical or digital) space, and being able to talk to each other live. A recent piece in The New York Times explains why most meeting requests get the question “why?” must set. Furthermore, more than enough has been written about how to prepare, lead and conduct good (online) meetings.

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