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And that Morning Consult analysts highlight. Is how traditional brands have increased their connection with members of Generation Z. In their list. And although emerging and tech brands are the ones that are growing the most. They also appear Belgium phone number brands like Pepsi or United Airlines. Sponsored Brand: Give your brand prominence on Amazon Tags dendary marks amazon read later favorites 0 ads Royal Communication Marketing and Communication Agency. 15 years innovating for brands Being or not being in the digital environment to sell your products is already more a necessity than an option. And this is corroborated by the data.

According to the CNMC. Electronic commerce in Spain exceeded 12.2 billion euros in the first quarter of 2020. 11.6% more than the previous year. In the immensity of so many zeros. Amazon remains a benchmark. In 2019. It entered 7.567 million in Belgium phone number Spain. Monopolizing 15% of all national electronic commerce. And given the current situation. The predictions do nothing more than focus all expectations on this e-commerce. However. It is not all good news. And it is that with these figures. It is not surprising that there are more and more competitors eager to take a piece of the cake and take advantage of the dizzying pace of growth and billing of Amazon. For this reason.

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Whoever bets on this e-commerce must work to gain recognition and prominence. One of the keys to gaining a foothold among the competition is Sponsored Brand advertising. But how does this format work? And above all. How to get the most out of it? Sponsored Brand is a type of cost per click advertising. It presents three clear differences with respect Belgium phone number to Sponsored Product and Sponsored Display. The other two types of existing advertising within the Amazon Advertising panel available for Vendors and Sellers. While the other two formats only redirect to specific asins. Sponsored Brand offers the ability to link directly to a landing page or Store. These ads include the brand logo.

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A custom headline. And three asins. All of which are retargetable. In the case of the headline and the logo. To the Store; for ASINS. To the corresponding product detail page. They can appear in various placements. Most notably at the top of search results. And that Belgium phone number can only mean one thing: greater visibility and therefore an advantage over competitors. These campaigns do not stop when the stock runs out. As they can continue redirecting to the selected page. The payment method is shared with Sponsored and Display Ads. You only pay when an Amazon shopper clicks your ad.

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And you control your spending with a daily budget and bids. The Sponsored Brand strategy must consider and take care of the following aspects Choice of redirect: Which asins do we choose to promote? In this section it is advisable to emphasize those products that have the most sales or on which we want to focus. Highlighting a product with negative reviews or Belgium phone number that does not convert would be nonsense. Similarly. The landing page in the Amazon Store must provide the most satisfactory user experience possible. Playing with the expectations of a client and redirecting him to a neglected space or with confusing information. Just to be able to show the entire range of products would be counterproductive. The segmentation strategy must be consistent. Do we want to impact by search terms.

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