Personal Branding: Self-presentation or Self-packaging?

What is a personal brand? Image sourceSatomodel Personal branding happens in many ways and in many places. It’s a dynamic process that you start and maintain, but never completely walk away from. Every time you post something online, go to work, or make a professional appearance, at a conference, how you present yourself makes an impact on your personal brand. self packaging Because your clothes, business cards, and social media profiles play  a big role in making a first impression, speakers and experts often refer to personal branding as “self-packaged.” Even Wikipedia, the default definition engine for much of the Internet world, Resort with this sentence:

The idea of ​​having a personal brand is “self-packaging.” At first glance this definition sounds real with some questions, but there are some issues  with the word “packaging.” Wrapping is static. Packaging often goes  entire product line that meant to Macedonia Phone Number List look the same  the same static product. The packaging is taken off the next product, thrown in the trash, and will never be used again.

Self Introduction

We are people, products, and people included. People are not static, people have personal values ​​and individuality, and we don’t have to toss a part of ourselves in the dustbin before entering the room. People have a lot more energy than sitting on a shelf. Personal branding is about personal presentation in all its many forms, not just packaging. Yes, business cards, blog posts and suits can be part of a personal brand. But no more or less than phone calls, business lunches and speaking gigs.

Essence and Detail

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Identifying and conveying the essence of what makes you stand out from. The crowd is what a personal brand is all about. However, it is important that you distinguish between your essence and details . For example, you might have a bird on your business card and use that pattern. For your PowerPoint presentation, but your personal brand is not that you are a bird. This is probably one of the things that defines your essence is your sense of exploration and freedom, and these birds are part of how you show it. Or you might have a blog where you post photos and tell stories about where you make food and where you eat when you travel. Likewise, your personal brand isn’t defined by what kind of food you like, but more by your attitude to life and business expansion beyond the office.

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