Phone, it’s worth Spain Phone Number downloading a specific video recording app. They can give you more control over the exposure

If you’re shooting on a smartphone, it’s worth downloading a specific video recording app. They can give you more control over the exposure (the brightness Spain Phone Number of your shot) and focus (what is in focus and what isn’t). The default camera app does have tools to adjust these settings, but they might not be as extensive as other apps.


If you’re shooting with your laptop, there are a ton of good free recording apps out there to help you.


If you are using another camera, YouTube is your friend. There are tons of great tutorials online.

Shoot as many takes as you want

Rather than worry about trying to get everything perfect in one go, take your time to get it right. Shoot as many takes as you want until you’re satisfied. However, it Spain Phone Number might still be useful to learn your text by heart before you start recording. You could also use a laptop to display your script.  List Simply place it behind or below the camera.

Don’t forget to look into the camera when you’re speaking. And try to be animated and engaged! Lots of big smiles and positive energy will make a better impression on your audience.

Step 3: shooting your B-roll

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Spain Phone Number

B-roll are the additional shots that spice up your video. They add some visual and creative interest.

What sort of B-roll you have to shoot, depends a lot on the particular product or service you offer. If you sell a physical product, you may want to get some close-up shots of the product itself. If you sell a software product, screenshots of the dashboard for example are more appropriate. And, if you sell a service, you may want to get some general shots of yourself or your team at work. This will give potential customers an idea of the attitude and style of your business.

Product close-ups

Display your product in a neutral, well-lit space. Make sure you get lots of different angles and types of shots. Always film more options than you think you need. Use a tripod if you have one. This will keep your footage as stable as possible.

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