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To do that. They had to change software directly or work on a local scaling project (hiring servers. Setting up. Etc.) That could last for months. But all those brands that were already working with a cloud native e-commerce did not have to do “anything”. The e-commerce Pakistan phone number server itself can increase or decrease its capacity in a moment and offer impeccable service. Regardless of whether there are 3 transactions per day or 300. In addition to that advantage. Having an e-commerce in the cloud gives us other benefits. Such as: Great agility when doing business: Any new feature you want to implement in your e-commerce will take very little time thanks to apis and microservices. Productivity: Errors can be corrected much faster. As well as creating any type of service within your store.

So the time and money invested in managing e-commerce will be much less. Protection: Having your e-commerce hosted on a platform like Google Cloud Platform. Which has the security of Google’s infrastructure. Gives us a much higher reliability Pakistan phone number than any other company. How to have a cloud native e-commerce? Surely you have already convinced yourself that having your online store hosted in the cloud is very interesting for your business. Now. Where to start? Migrating an e-commerce to the cloud can present us with small challenges. Like any software migration we do. But by following a few clear steps and criteria. Everything will work out perfectly. And the result will not disappoint you. You can find out how to migrate your ecommerce to the cloud in the whitepaper created by commercetools and Incentro Spain. IT partner of commercetools in Spain.

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Commercetools is a cloud native e-commerce software with many years of experience in cloud migrations. With commercetools you can have a hyper personalized online store. Capable of managing a huge stock. Ideal for any type of e-commerce regardless of Pakistan phone number whether your channel is B2B or B2C. Official master’s degrees online or the doctorate at a distance. The best option to study online. One of the derived problems that the coronavirus crisis has generated for marketers is money: in times of cuts and adjustments. Corporate budgets contract and investment in marketing falls. Seeing that cause and effect was pretty easy. During the first few months of the pandemic. In fact. Many companies outright paused all of their ads and ad spend. Canceling or postponing campaigns.

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Beyond the fact that they did not know what the immediate future was going to bring and what their consumers expected. The tendency to be more conservative in spending in times of crisis was also activated. The health crisis. Analysts feared almost from the moment one. Was going to bring a subsequent economic crisis. For months to come. Studies Pakistan phone number have been showing that investment in marketing and advertising is going to be one of the elements that will be affected by this crisis. Companies are cutting back and their marketers need to think more carefully about what they are going to spend their money on. They should calmly measure what is worth spending and what is not.

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They should also avoid platitudes and get sucked into what seem like quick fixes to shrinking budgets or what almost seems like an obvious cut (but isn’t really). And it is that. After all. These types of errors are quite common and recurrent in times of crisis. You only have to think about what brands did during the economic crisis a decade ago to understand it. An analysis by Gartner. Published in a column in marketingdive . Points out precisely three Pakistan phone number mistakes that are being repeated during this crisis when it comes to adjusting marketing budgets. They are the moves that marketers make to apply cuts and meet what is expected of them during the coronavirus crisis. But they are essentially mistakes that will weigh down the overall marketing strategy.

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